Lifestyle: Undercover Lyft driver w/ Alicia Keys (Video)

We love it when a special guest driver shares our values. And we really love it when she brings her own keyboard. In this feel-good edition of Undercover Lyft, we put Grammy-winning philanthropist Alicia Keys at the wheel (and the mic.)

Watch your favorite New Yorker Laura (ahem, Miss Keys) as she moves to LA and starts driving with Lyft … while giving passengers hints about who she really is. See who keeps on fallin’ for her antics, who acts brand new, and who recognizes that fire in her eyes.

You don’t have to be a Grammy winner to make big wins for your community. Lyft passengers can help a worthy organization of their choice by rounding up and donating their ride payment to the nearest dollar. It’s all part of LyftUp: our new initiative to help bring affordable, reliable transportation to those who need it most.

“Undercover Lyft was toooo fun!!! I loved it! such a beautiful experience. Lyft is all about connecting communities, and I loved getting the opportunity to connect with people in such a real and intimate way as a ‘driver.’ I’ve never had an experience like this! It lit me up!” 

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