Lifestyle: ‘Amazon’ founder Jeff Bezos purchases $165M ‘Beverly Hillbillies Home’.. Comes with it’s own Gas Station! (Video + Photos)

‘Amazon’ honcho Jeff Bezos just dropped $165 MILLION on a new house in Los Angeles, and this house is so big and expensive, it actually comes with its own GAS STATION!!

According to multiple reports, Jeff Bezos purchased the Beverly Hills mansion known as the Warner Estate from media mogul David Geffen. Bezos paid a whopping $165 Million for the property which is the highest residential real estate transaction ever recorded.

The house is one of the most famous pieces of Hollywood history after it played home to the Clampett family in the popular 1960’s television show, ‘Beverly Hillbillies.’

The mansion is insane! This modest home comes equipped with a nine-hole golf course, a tennis court, several guest houses, and a motor court complete with its own service garage and gas station!!

It’s unclear if Bezos will make this his full-time residence, but several reports say the billionaire has been looking in the area with girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, to set up roots in Los Angeles.

Bezos has become a regular figure in the Hollywood scene ever since splitting from his wife and following Amazon diving into the movie and television business.

Jeff Bezos won’t have any issue ponying up the cash for the most expensive house in L.A. — remember he is the richest person on the planet. His estimated net worth hovers around $131 BILLION. As we reported, in a 15-minute span this month, Bezos’ net worth shot up by $13.2 Billion when his Amazon stock jumped.

Now back to the house…It was named after Jack Warner, the head of Warner Bros. Studios who built the mansion in 1937. Geffen purchased the home in 1990 for $47.5 million, which set a record in those days.

BTW — The guest house is 5 bedrooms too!

The garage area with the gas station pumps holds 40 cars, and there is a 12,000-bottle wine cellar.

Bezos may spend time on each coast of the U.S. after it was reported he also purchased three New York luxury apartments valued at $80 Million. Plus, he has private jets, etc. — you get the picture.

Congratulations! We guess…

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