Business: Drake signs Deal with Streaming Company ‘Caffeine’ to produce Battle Rap and other Live content

Drake just signed a multiyear contract with Caffeine, a company run by former Apple designer Ben Keighran and other Apple alumni. Drake will use this platform to produce rap battles in collaboration with New York’s Ultimate Rap League.

Caffeine allows entertainers, athletes, esports stars, amateurs, fans etc to broadcast live, and chat with each other, including the person who is broadcasting.

According to Forbes and Variety, Caffeine has millions of dollars worth backing from Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners as well as celebrity backers Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Durant. “Drake, if you look at his career in the last ten years, is defined as the biggest artist in the world,” Keighran said. “This is a guy that can catch the attention of not just the entertainment world, but the gaming world as well.”

“This is a name that everybody knows,” says Keighran to Forbes. Drake means “live broadcasting in a way that hasn’t been shown at this level before.”

Drake will also produce other content at a later time through Caffeine, which has also enlisted stars like Doja Cat, Offset, Smith-Schuster and Los Angeles Laker Kyle Kuzma.

Keighran Continues, “He wants to innovate, and he’s really interested in live streaming, but thinks that, we’re seeing live streaming in gaming, but what’s next? So one of the things we wanted to do was form a multiyear exclusive partnership with him so that we could explore lots of different things together.”

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